King penguin (Aptenodytes patagonicus)
Crozet Archipelago, Indian Ocean Dec 94 - Mar 96

* Satellite and geolocation tracking (Pütz et al. 1999, Bost et al. 2004).
* Maintenance of an automatic weighing system.
* Impact of externally-attached loggers using implanted TDR (Ropert-Coudert et al. 2000a).
* Oesophageal temperature loggers to determine feeding activity (Charrassin et al. 2001).
* Estimation of feeding activity using swim speed data (Ropert-Coudert et al. 2000b)

Y Le Maho, CA Bost & Y Handrich (CNRS, France), JB Charrassin (Natural History Museum, France), PJ Butler (Birmingham Univ, UK), RP Wilson (Swansea Univ, UK), K Pütz (Falklands Conservation)